Norduino is now USB … HID!

I managed to finally interface the Nordic modules via USB.

I have two working implementations now:

  • teensy 2++: via the teensy arduino libraries
  • minimus32: via the LUFA libraries

This is very useful because now you can interface the NRF24L01 to your computer and choose any profile you want:

  • USB mouse
  • USB keyboard
  • USB serial

The teensy and minimus32 must be modified to work at 3.3V so before downloading and hooking your NRF24L01 module do the required soldering as in this tutorials.

This is the picture of the actual “Norduino USB”, I’m going to do some simple PCB adapters soon.




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3 comments on “Norduino is now USB … HID!
  1. Greg says:

    Is that the NRF24L01 or the NRF24L01+? How do you configure the operating mode, channel, radio features?

    What is your anticipated price?

    Will you offer a parts list and schematic as you’ve done for some of your other projects?

    • bonzo says:

      Yes that is the plus version and of course you can put also the non plus version.
      I wrote a small library for arduino and LUFA to configure them.
      I will do an adapter pcb for the minimus32 and the teensy so that you don’t have to use all those wires.
      Yes I’m trying to put everything on the wikipage but right now I’m on holiday.

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