Test robo 4 wd arduino

This video shows my recent development with the tiny 4WD robot.

I have used a spare Pinnacle IR remote which supports RC6 a very good protocol for IR transmission. Any direction I can select 2 speeds but I need to find a way to add a proportional speed control to make more accurate turns.

I want to replace the IR with an RF controller, more to come soon!


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3 comments on “Test robo 4 wd arduino
  1. Scott says:

    That looks great.

    I just gave this robot to my son for his birthday. I am having problems getting the source code for the Remote to compile. Lots of errors. Would you have any suggestions for how to learn how to program this robot? If you have the remote sample code actually working, would you mind sharing it with me?


    • bonzo says:

      Hello Scott and LeSanglier
      yes I can post the code on my github but I need to find where my last code version was.
      The DFRobot software provided is dreadful and doesn’t work at all.

      I will write here once is online.


  2. LeSanglier says:


    I would to know what is the reference of your pinnacle remote ?? Is it possible to have the source code ?
    In this post : http://www.dfrobot.com/forum/index.php?topic=394.msg1627#msg1627
    I made some modification but I want to use a better remote control.

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